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Crush low employee performance by adopting the three secrets that automatically create high-performance teams.

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Are you THIS business leader?

✅  Driven for success.

✅  Have a heart for people.

✅  Want to make an impact.

✅  Willing to put in the effort.

❌  Bad attitudes from certain employees.

❌  Low employee performance.

❌  Wish you had a better team.

❌  Feel worn out from your job.

"You're not alone. 
I've been there."

Lance Miller - CEO | TrueNorth Global Training



I had a great company, wonderful marriage, went to church, BUT success always seemed out of reach.

I worked hard. I cared about people. I wanted to make an impact. But I was on the verge of burnout all the time. And I thought I hid it well.


But it was taking a serious toll on me. I started to feel like I was slipping into a hole I’d never escape from. 


It was only after I discovered that I had everything backward... that my life and business started to shoot upwards.


I had the right pieces, the right vision, but I had unknowingly assembled them in the wrong order.


But through a series of events, I learned the Secrets of Elite Management. 


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A  Power Course to give you the Tools to Build your High-Performance Team. 

Here's what's inside.

This program is all power. There is no fluff here to make it look like it’s more than what it is. 
I’m not interested in trying to sell you on something. I just want you to wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense of clarity.


6 Concise Videos

These six concise videos will open your eyes up to what is missing in your leadership journey and show you what needs to be done to make quick, positive changes.


5 Personalized Q&A Sections

After every video is, a short question and answer section created to help you see where you are now and what changes can be made to reclaim your business and personal life.


TrueWealth E-Book

This e-book describes the gold standard for what is possible in your business and personal life. It's a quick, but powerful read and a must-have for every entrepreneur's bookshelf.

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Elite Manager Secrets

The 90-Minute Power Course to help you build Your High-Performance Team.

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"I have been using TrueNorth's 360 and Leadership program for the last year. It has truly changed my way of thinking professionally and personally. " - F. B.


✅ Instant, lifetime access to the Power Course.

✅ 6- Concise Videos

✅ 5 - Q&A Sections from Lance

✅ Living in TrueWealth E-Book

✅ Certificate of Completion

Total Value: $400

Price: only $97


This Course is Perfect for Your Industry

✅ Agriculture

✅ Coaching

✅ Construction

✅ Education

✅ Energy

✅ Entertainment

✅ Fitness

✅ Financial

✅ Food

✅ Government

✅ Healthcare

✅ Hospitality

✅ Manufacturing

✅ News

✅ Technology

✅ And more!

What Others Are Saying About Us.

It feels weird to brag, but just so you know, our programs work.

"TrueNorth is life-changing"

"TrueNorth is life-changing - both professionally and personally! The workshops are thought-provoking and truly work to unlock your true potential and purpose." - Christina P. 

"The training has opened up a whole new world for me."

"I have enjoyed the knowledge they share with us each month. How they have helped us grow as individuals in every aspect of our lives. This training has opened up a whole new world for me." - Brenda M.

"TrueNorth has been nothing but exemplary."

"The support and dedication that we have received from True North has been nothing but exemplary. We look forward to continuing to grow in our partnership." - Wendy R. - Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce.



Lance & Jessica Miller and TrueNorth Global Training

TrueNorth Global Training Institute is a business leadership firm headquartered in Bellbrook, Ohio. Our origin story began in 2007 when my wife Jessica and I started our parent company, The JNL Group. 


Since then, we’ve had 100’s of people attend our seminars, workshops, and courses. 


Our Mission is to help leaders and their organizations grow and scale by providing training in culture, operations, and leadership.


There's zero risk with our 100% money-back guarantee.

If you do not find great value in our course, let us know within 10 days, and we will refund your money. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried online courses before, and they're boring. What makes yours better?

I get it. I’ve struggled with online training too. I can’t sit still for long periods to watch long, drawn-out videos. So, I created our courses to be short clips followed by small Q&A sections. All our courses are broken up into bite-sized segments for easy learning.

I've tried everything and I'm ready to give up.

There's a famous quote that says  "hope deferred makes the heart sick." There was a point in my life when I thought there was something wrong with me. That I was somehow inferior to everyone else. Through the lessons that I teach in this course, I overcame the mental roadblocks and blew past the wrong beliefs and actions that were holding my business back.

I don't have time to complete something like this right now.

We completely understand! As an entrepreneur, you're mentally going 24-7-365. That's why I built this course to be completed in only 60-90 minutes. Just one nugget in here has the potential to change your life!

You are worth the investment! I guarantee it.

What if I am not happy with the course?

No problem. Just email us whithin 10 days of your purchase and we'll refund your money.

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