Our Origin Story

In 1997, I was 21, newly married to Jessica, and I knew my calling in life was to help people and businesses succeed.


But I also knew I had to figure out success for myself before I could help others. I had lots of motivation and faith but lacked wisdom and experience.

So I spent the next ten years helping transform my dad's 20-year-old construction business from a 2.9 million dollar company to a 100-employee, 10 million dollar commercial HVAC contractor. 

In 2007, I felt the entrepreneurial pull and decided it was time to go out alone. After many discussions and "what-ifs", Jessica and I started The JNL Group. We spent the next thirteen years as business consultants doing various "one-off" projects for clients. From marketing to leadership training, operations to accounting, there's not much we wouldn't tackle. 

In 2019, after twenty-two years of business experience and seeing the same problems over and over, I knew it was time to put together a better solution for business owners. It would fall under The JNL Group umbrella, but we would call it TrueNorth.

Instead of a client hiring us for a particular need, the TrueNorth methodology would provide a foundation for businesses to grow and scale off of. We would essentially train the client on what it took to become "TrueNorth Certified."


TrueNorth quickly evolved from a training concept to a standalone brand, and the Organizational Growth System, or OS, was born.  

Today, in addition to the OS, TrueNorth Global Training has partnered with various chambers of commerce to offer even more programs such as  Coffee with Champions and Becoming an Elite Manager

Twenty-five years later, Jessica and I's passion for helping people and businesses succeed is stronger than ever.