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We Raise Your Employees to Their Full Potential.

It's challenging getting your employees to perform well consistently.


We teach your employees how to reach their full potential by mastering personal skills such as:

  • Finding your purpose.

  • Creating an inspiring vision.

  • Making better choices.

  • Having Grit for the long haul.

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We Organize Your Business for Growth & Scale.

You're so tied up with the day-to-day that you don't have enough free time to work "on" your business.

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We help you carry the load by building a customized, online business playbook that:

  • Documents all your systems & processes in one place.

  • Creates efficiencies and better consistency across all teams.

  • Your company shifts from "How I do it" to "How We Do It".

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We Train Your Managers How to Be Great Leaders.

There is not enough time and energy to develop the right training programs for your managers.


We train your managers to be great leaders through structured, recurring education that propels them forward regardless of their experience level. Our program includes:

  • Servant leadership philosophy.

  • Team building, coaching, & communication.

  • Time vs. money decision-making.

  • Becoming an Elite Manager.

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How to Unlock Your Team's Power.
Lesson 1 of 3

Discover the root cause of employee mediocrity.

Lesson 2 of 3

What can "unlocked" mean for you? Is it too good to be true?

Lesson 3 of 3

Finally, a solution that just works. Learn how we take the limits off your business.

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Get Started Now With Our 
5 Minute Growth Assessment. 

How long is the program?

It takes 5 months to complete the Organizational Growth System. Once your company completes the final audit, you will receive a certification. 

How does our training work?

Our training combines monthly, in-person workshops and weekly, online 10-minute action steps.​

What's included in the Business Playbook?

Your Business Playbook will have 200+ sections divided into four categories.

  1. The Company. This area includes company history, vision, mission, core values, expectations, and more.

  2. The Team. This includes personal bio's, job descriptions, org chart, and more.

  3. Policies. This area will include all your company policies regarding your team.

  4. Processes. Here, we will help you document your systems and processes in finance, marketing, sales, operations, and other areas. 

What are the details of the Team Development Program?

Our Personal Development program is called 360 and is for all employees, including the business owner. We teach each person how to find their "Greatness" and live a good life. Here is a sample of the monthly topics:

  • Vision

  • Purpose

  • Focus

  • Timing and Sequence

  • Choosing Better

  • Emotional money

  • Grit for the in-between

  • Time Management


What are the details of the Leadership Program?

Our Leadership Program is about training the business owner and management team to find their Leadership Greatness. Many of the principles are based on Servant Leadership. Here is a sample of the monthly topics:

  • Stewardship

  • Becoming an Elite Manager

  • Conceptualization

  • Time & Efficiency

How will my company stay on track with the Organizational Growth System?

Your TrueNorth advisor will conduct a brief, monthly audit with each physical business location to make sure the team is staying on course. An audit report will then be sent to management with recommended action if needed.

What size companies does TrueNorth work with?

Our Organizational Growth System​ best suits companies with annual revenues from 750k to 10 million.

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